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I have a question for everyone.

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The prologue to the 4th Gospel has a lot going on. Certainly, one can't begin without the perception of poetry, maybe even a hymn. This would be consistent with the hidden truth in a myth, or maybe even in a 'mystery play' which was a common form of entertainment around the turn of the first century in the Greco-Roman world. Someone (can't remember who) theorized that "John" (i.e. the witness of John the Baptist) was originally a piece of theatre for the ubiquitous amphi-theatres at the time. This also explains how the traveling troupe occasionally added or subtracted "scenes", such as Chapter 11 (Lazarus) and Chapter 21 ( a different ending about the nature of "agape" and "philia". A great book along these lines would be The New Testament as True Fiction by Douglas A. Templeton, from Edinburgh, who taught many of us that we have to keep writing to keep "Scripture" alive.

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