Does it do any good?

December 2022

Nothing is more certain than your own experience

November 2022

The clouds of confusion on this point are condensed into a single drop of grammar.
Only people without faith need facts.
Not everyone is suited to playing every game, and the philosophy game is no exception

October 2022

The gospel of John was then tragically distorted, I now believe, by the Nicene and post-Nicene fathers, who used it to formulate their creeds. As Greek…
Hegel falls into the trap of trying to communicate the incommunicable.
We must understand the story and veneration of Mary as the spiritual expression of the inherent value of the feminine side of life.

September 2022

Paul was almost entirely disinterested in what Jesus actually said and did
It's impossible to tell what the New Testament means if you don't know what it says.
313 AD may be the year the church stopped following Jesus' example
If you experience God (the most subjective experience of all), then that is more certain even than that the sun will rise tomorrow.