Why Christianity 2020?

Are you a “lapsed Christian”? Do you “wish you could believe” or maybe just wish you had a deeper understanding of Christianity? Then maybe this site is for you.

If you grew up Christian, you have a certain worldview built into the way you think – and yet, maybe you’re finding it hard to believe “all that stuff.” And yet, you feel a God-shaped hole in your soul that is leaving your days feeling empty.

I think I may have some information for you that will help.

Most people are taught what I refer to as the “folk art” version of Christianity – filled with superficial metaphors and childlike simplicity. I don't know your background, but what you've been told about Jesus and the New Testament is probably wrong.

If you want to explore Christian Spirituality with an explanation for the 21st century , I invite you to read on. This is not a “new” version of Christianity, but an understanding that has existed for 2000 years. Nor is it an esoteric, “hidden” knowledge – this has all been available for centuries to anyone who wanted to search for it.

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A "clear vision" of Christianity for the 21st century


Dr. Steven Shaffer

My journey includes investigations into the history of early Christianity, theology (including Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox), Buddhism, Taoism, Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard, and the foundations of mathematics.